Residential care centers

Ensure safety of residents & care givers

Mobile nurse call watches over the safety of residents and makes both them and their families feel more secure. The resident can move freely throughout the care facility and alert location-independent.

Wireless nurse call system

Why implement a wireless nurse call system?

At any time, anywhere in the care facility, a resident can call for the assistance of the nursing staff, using the red button on the wristband. The wristband sends out an alarm notification via the Cloud Console to the nursing staff's communication devices like smartphone, DECT or tablet.

  • Create more safety with a mobile nurse call system. Complement the traditional red button in the room. The button on the wristband can be used anywhere in the healthcare facility like common areas, elevators, stairways,...
  • View the real-time location of a resident in case of an emergency call instead of just getting the room number.
  • Reduce response time The nearest nurse in the vicinity is alerted at once and the person in need can be easily traced. There’s no need to start a physical search.

Use the wristband as a panic button for the nursing staff too

Allowing your staff members to wear a wristband with an alarm button, you can always ensure their safety with this wireless nurse call technology.

  • In case of aggression, the nurse can alert a colleague instantly
  • The real-time location of the caregiver in need is displayed
  • Intervene faster and increase the safety of the nursing staff
Panic button for the nursing staff

All advantages at a glance

All-in-one cloud platform

All-in-one cloud platform

only 1 infrastructure for all services


real-time visibility of the resident or nursing staff in need for help


alert anywhere on site
Open API

Open API

seamless integration with own healthcare platform or via a BlooLoc partner

Combine mobile nurse call with our other care solutions

Wander detection

Wander detection

Residents have full freedom of movement in a controlled safe environment. Wander management utilizes wander detection & prevention and is set according to each resident's care profile.

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Woonzorgcentrum Booghuys
"With BlooLoc's wander management solution, it is now possible for residents with lower and higher levels of care needs to live together. With this innovative solution, we greatly increase their independence, their safety and their freedom."
Els Ronsmans
Director of the residential care center Booghuys (Leuven – Belgium)

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